GUCD Roundtables

This semester we had another effective session of roundtable discussions, which allowed everyone to share their own positions while listening to why others might hold opposing views.

The first roundtable focused on Environmental issues in general and the Keystone pipeline in particular.  While numbers were lower than we would have liked, it was nonetheless an effective beginning to our roundtable series.  The second focused on US-Israel relations, Knesset elections, and the Israel-Palestine elections.  While we were unsurprisingly unsuccessful in untangling the Middle East mess, the discussion helped people on both sides of the debate find some common ground and understand why positions were held.  Special thanks to GUCR, GIA, and J Street for cosponsoring and making it a fantastic event with over 40 in attendance.  Finally, we ended the semester by looking at the upcoming Presidential election, discussing who we wanted to win each party's nomination, whether Hillary's nomination was inevitable, and how the process would play out.