Alumnus of the Year: Hakeem Jeffries

On Tuesday, April 21st, GUCD honored Representative Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY, 8th District) with our annual Alumnus of the Year award. The award is given to a Georgetown graduate who has not only achieved prominence in public service, but also has been shown to epitomize the ideals of social justice, care for others, and giving back to one’s community characteristic of both the Democratic Party and Georgetown University . Representative Jeffries received a Masters in Public Policy from Georgetown and has represented the aforementioned ideals and values while in Congress through his work on criminal sentencing and prison reform, among other accomplishments.

           In addition to receiving the award, Representative Jeffries also made a short speech to an audience of around fifty individuals that included GUCD members, undergraduate and graduate students, university staff members, and some of his own constituents. Representative Jeffries discussed his career so far and his legislative work on criminal sentencing and prison reform before taking questions from the audience. Finally, he took some time to pose for pictures and chat with those of his constituents that had attended the event.