Chair: Maria Cornell

As Chair, Maria hopes to make GUCD a more inclusive and multi-dimensional organization. She believes that Democrats succeed when everyone has a seat at the table, is listened to, and comes together through organizing and activism in all of its forms. In this new era of American politics, Maria believes it is progressives' duty to resist, react, and most importantly organize in their own community. In her free time, Maria can be found shopping for political t-shirts, searching for DC’s best fries, and eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in less than 11 minutes.








Vice Chair & Director of Advocacy: Jenny Xu

New Yorker, art lover, and pragmatic progressive, Jenny is the Vice Chair and Director of Advocacy. She aspires to strengthen the intersectionality of GUCD’s advocacy issues and bring them to higher visibility on the Georgetown campus. She cites Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama as significant political influences, and the issues she’s most passionate about include LGBT+ rights, racial equality, and criminal justice reform. When she’s not tweeting about politics, she can be found befriending the nearest dog or blasting Green Day in her dorm room.




Treasurer: Mark Massa

Mark Massa (SFS ’20) is the Treasurer of GUCD and a Science, Technology, and International Affairs (STIA) major hailing from Needham, MA.  Mark has been active in GUCD since his freshman year, serving on the foreign policy team and the constitutional convention.  His favorite part of GUCD is campaign field work, as he believes that engaging citizens in the democratic process is fundamental to the health of the American republic.  Outside of Dems, Mark competes in epee with Club Fencing, plays the bass drum in Pep Band, and contributes technical work to student theatre.




Communications Director: Jake Galant

Jake Galant (SFS ‘20) is the Director of Communications and Technology for GUCD. Jake is studying International Politics with a focus on Foreign Policy and Policy Processes, a Minor in Chinese, and a Certificate in the study of Jewish Civilization. Jake has been in GUCD throughout his time at Georgetown working on the research team and foreign policy team. His favorite part of GUCD is going to events with amazing speakers. In addition to GUCD, Jake is the Treasurer for Georgetown Israel Alliance, a sports broadcaster with WGTB, and works on the Georgetown Journal of Asian Affairs.


Director of Campaigning and Off-Campus Affairs: Rebecca Hollister

Rebecca is thrilled to be the first Director of Campaigning and Off-Campus Affairs. She believes that campaigning is at the core of politics and is where Democrats can make the most impact. She has seen firsthand how grassroots organizations and local cooperation can influence elections, and is looking forward to working with the College Democrats to continue to make a difference. She is also excited about connecting members with internships and helping advocacy teams connect with organizations in the D.C. area. When Rebecca isn't canvassing or phone banking, she can be found reading, eating pasta, and crying about pictures of cute kittens.

Speakers Director: Cordelia Bell

Cordelia is a junior at Georgetown University, where she is pursuing degrees in psychology and government. She is passionate about women in the legal system and hopes to attend law school after graduation. Cordelia previously interned with Congressman Peter Welch (VT) and Elizabeth Gamache, the only female mayor in Vermont. In 2017, she was an account executive for American University’s student rule PR Firm, Eagle Communications. Prior to becoming director of speakers, Cordelia was the deputy director of intersectionality, where she promotes congressional advocacy and organizes informational events. In addition, Cordelia is a paralegal for Ellis, Boxer & Blake, a civil litigation firm in Vermont. As director of speakers, Cordelia hopes to bring diverse speakers that help GUCD members develop new perspectives and skills. Cordelia would like to encourage GUCD members to utilize the amazing opportunities in D.C.!

Membership Director: Sam Anderson

Sam is a Junior in the College majoring in Government and minoring in Philosophy and JUPS. He’s been a part of GUCD since transferring to Georgetown last year, spending the ‘17-18 academic year on the LGBTQ+ advocacy team. As Director of Membership Sam hopes to increase the feeling of community between members across GUCD departments while working to increase diversity for the organization. Of course, he also hopes to host some rockin’ social events ;) Sam likes to laugh (usually at himself) and once got kicked out of a Chucky Cheeses for his inability to control his laughter. This semester he is also an RA or New South Hall.


Director of Alumni and Advancement: Alvaro Carrillo-Sanchez

Alvaro is a sophomore in the College pursuing a degree in Economics. Apart from being involved in the Alumni & Advancement department in College Democrats, he is also on the research team for the GU Real Estate Club. His favorite part about College Dems is the opportunity to hear other people’s ideas, whether it be other students or more prominent thinkers and leaders. He believes that the only solution in this age is to genuinely listen to the other side to find a common ground.