Chair: Rebecca Hollister

Rebecca is thrilled to be the Chair (nicknamed Fearless Leader) of this wonderful organization. Her ultimate goal for GUCD in 2019 is to create a proper infrastructure in the club for the 2020 election cycle and to set precedents of diversity, openness, and transparency. Having worked for the Kansas Democratic Party, the DNC, and as a manager on a state legislative campaign, Rebecca knows how to collaborate with individuals and use everyone's skills and talents to achieve goals. When Rebecca isn't canvassing or phone banking, she can be found reading, eating pasta, playing the Nintendo Switch, and crying about pictures of cute kittens.




Vice Chair & Director of Advocacy: Kayla Friedland

Kayla Friedland (COL’ 22) is a South Floridian feminist, philanthropist, and civil rights activist among other titles. She double majors in Government and Women’s & Gender Studies with a minor in Justice and Peace Studies. She hopes to grace the world with her passion for helping others and influence the political sphere with her unapologetic liberalism. She is driven to foster an inclusive and diverse environment within Georgetown University College Democrats that enables students of all identities to find a place within the party and discover their voices.




Chief of Staff: Mark Massa

Mark Massa (SFS ’20) is the Chief of Staff of GUCD and a Science, Technology, and International Affairs (STIA) major hailing from Needham, MA. Mark has been active in GUCD since his freshman year, serving on the foreign policy team and the constitutional convention. His favorite part of GUCD is campaign field work, as he believes that engaging citizens in the democratic process is fundamental to the health of the American republic. Outside of Dems, Mark competes in epee with Club Fencing, plays the bass drum in Pep Band, and contributes technical work to student theatre.

Treasurer: Varsha Menon

A proud Texan, despite the fact that her state failed to elect Beto O’Rourke to the US Senate, Varsha is extremely excited to serve as GUCD’s treasurer. Previously, she served as an advocacy deputy and worked on the civil rights and immigration advocacy teams. She hopes to help raise money for future campaigning efforts gearing up to 2020 and help plan some exciting events within the next year. When she’s not trying to figure out how the club funding bureaucracy works, she can be found stressing in Lau over economics or conducting research on bicycles (yes, bicycles!) at the BMW Center for German and European Studies.



Director of Communications: Warren Glisk

Warren Glisk (COL ‘22) proudly comes from Indiana’s 1st congressional district. Warren is studying Government and English and plans to attend law school after graduation. He has been a member in both the communications and advocacy departments of GUCD, previously serving as an advocacy deputy. While not at GUCD, Warren also participates in GREEN and leads freshmen on ESCAPE retreats. His favorite activity on Georgetown’s campus is socializing (and studying!) on Lau 2.

Director of Campaigning and Off-Campus Affairs: AJ Williamson

AJ Williamson is a Political Economy and Computer Science major in the College. Born in New York City, he has also lived in Thailand and Maryland, and currently resides in Johannesburg, South Africa. AJ started his freshman year in GUCD as a member of the Racial Equality Advocacy team before joining the Department of Campaigning and Off-Campus Affairs. As Director of the department this year, AJ hopes GUCD can help flip Virginia fully blue while preparing for the 2020 elections. Outside of this club, he is Vice President of GU-ACLU, a member of the Interhall Council Executive board, and a Teaching Assistant in the Computer Science department. In his free time, you can find him losing badly at Super Smash Bros or watching Parks and Rec for the 14th time.

Speakers Director: Lily Rubinstein

Lily Rubinstein (COL ’22) is the director of the speakers department at GUCD. She is from New York City and plans to study Psychology and Government, reflecting her passion for the intersection of psychology and the law. As director of speakers, Lily hopes to bring diverse, inspirational speakers to campus as well as encourage Georgetown students to take advantage of the amazing opportunities to see speakers off-campus. Aside from GUCD, Lily assists in research in the psychology department at Georgetown and coaches a team of middle school debaters. She also loves dogs, tea, and the subway.

Membership Director: Bella Ryb

Bella Ryb is a junior at Georgetown University studying Government, English, and Economics. An alumna of the Maryland General Assembly Page Program in her home state and a former Maryland State Senate Legislative staffer, Bella was eager to apply her passion for helping people and her affinity for progressive organizing on a larger scale when she came to DC to attend university. In addition to serving as President of DC College Democrats, Bella has been involved in a leadership capacity at the Georgetown University College Democrats Chapter, first serving as Deputy Director of the campaigning department during the 2018 midterm elections and the 2019 Virginia Elections, and presently serving as director of membership. Bella is eager to seize all of the exciting opportunities which the road to the 2020 elections has in store for DC College Dems and watch an organization of some of the most brilliant young activists in the country realize positive change.


Director of Alumni and Advancement: Emily Walling

Emily Walling (COL ’22) is the Director of Alumni Relations & Advancement for GUCD. She is from Nashville, Tennessee, and is hoping to major in Theology. Emily previously served as the Deputy for Advancement, and she is thrilled to be more involved with Dems this semester! Her favorite part of GUCD is the opportunity to be active in politics and exchange ideas with other young progressives. Outside of GUCD, Emily dances in BMDT, is a member of the Sunday Night Worship vestry, and works for Protestant Ministry

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